A collection is created and drawn in Paris and is developed in India and Peru, hand in hand with local artisans, following the sun, which way the wind blows and enthusiastic “why-not”s. Therefore, travelling to those workshops 3 to 4 times a year, Agnes de La Moureyre explores savoir-faires, works with little known materials and enriches her secret library of images, smells, impressions, so many sensations which might, one day, come out within her collections.

SUPPLEMENT d’AM maintains very intimate bonds with the artisans and takes care to develop the mutual respect indispensable to the harmonious creation of ranges.

Thanks to SUPPLEMENT D’AM / EPIGR’AM, a workshop has rehabilitated an activity which was long forgotten in the village by putting to new use paper tanks abandoned for close to a 100 years…

Social development for the families whose members are working at the production of our notebooks came as a direct consequence. Our first contact – and friend – has become his cast’s leader, handles social organization in his region (particularly weddings), was able to provide his children with higher education and his son to study in the UK.

SUPPLEMENT d’AM is rigorously ensuring that no children works at the workshops, that normal workdays and schedules are held, that working conditions are ethical and encourages social measures fostering the protection of artisans and their families.

Supplément d’AM develops a bond based on trust and moral engagement: everything is done to make a twenty-year-old partnership last. Developed ranges are coherent with local craftsmanship and participates to this will to endure through time.

This relationship is absolutely necessary to build meaningful collections together, supporting each other…

Naturally, all color dyes are eco-friendly and hold the Reach label, which attends to both environmental impacts and our health.