…to bring about happiness! To unearth harmonies and tints which will best suit the design so that warm golden tones, subtle pastels or blueish-green gradients can spark emotions and irresistible desires to dive into them…

The design almost becomes a pretext to those audacious and colourful unfolding.


…by only opting for ultra-soft, natural and meaningful fibers. Materials chosen by us are of great quality, stoles are made to stay timeless while offering comfort and softness.

Australian virgin lamb wool and cottons are woven using rare and traditional wooden looms.

Baby alpaca wool shawls are knitted or woven in villages deep into the Peruvian mountains…


…by altering the codes and habits of conventional glossy paper, beautiful yet distant, to let parchment paper intervene, to play with materials, glitter, embossing ; to skillfully embellish with hand-painted golds, to accumulate artisanal manufacturing processes which require patience and know-how… All to establish creative bridges between the complex universes of fashion, interior decoration and stationery…

We cherish handmade techniques, as nothing equals artisans traditional savoir-faire to infuse collections with character.

Let’s explore, dare, assemble… let’s live a happy life!